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COVID-19 update May 21st, 2020

We’re still seeing long fulfillment and shipping times at airplane tees and industry-wide. Our support team is doing their best to keep up with increased customer questions. Our average email response time has increased to about one day, and we’re not available on the phone. We try to keep chat available during US business hours on Mon-Fri, but periodically turn it off to catch up with queues. 

Our fulfillment centers are working hard to safely increase their capacity and they’ve made good progress in the last month. In Charlotte, their goal is to increase daily printing output by 2,000 orders week over week. They’ve already grown DTG capacity by 20% and are working on improving more categories.

Even with all the steps they’ve done, it’ll still take time to bring fulfillment times back to normal. Some product categories are already there, especially products that they fulfill in Europe. Fulfillment is still taking long for the top categories: DTG, embroidery, and all-over printed apparel. Most of our products at airplane tees are DTG printing which is the hardest hit. Times to print have been up to a month.

Shipping is also taking longer than usual depending on where your orders are shipping to. Some positive news is that Latvia’s airlines have started to ease restrictions on flights, which means that we’ll be able to ship orders from Europe more frequently.

We’ll continue posting updates as they come; thanks for your patience and for reading.

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