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Images look blurry when I zoom in?

Do you think our images look blurry when you zoom in? You might be right. They do, and its on purpose! We use compression services to make our images load faster on our website. Don’t worry, if you zoom in and see the image is pixelated you will not notice this on your printed tee or garment.

We were able to save over 68% of our server space and speed by compressing all our images for this website. When we did this in December of 2020 that was over 6,050 images to be compressed! So if you’re concerned about your tee looking pixelated you can stop worrying.

Heres a comparison of the difference:

airplaneTees Images look blurry when I zoom in? 1airplaneTees Images look blurry when I zoom in? 2
Original VS Optimized image

The optimized image is ONLY used on our website. A high quality image is used for printing. I hope that answers some of your concerns.

Have a great day!

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