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What is direct-to-garment printing and how does it work?

DTG or direct-to-garment printing

DTG, is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment. The ink then soaks into the fibers of the garment. It’s like printing on paper, but on clothing.


The main advantage of DTG is that it’s easy to print one-offs because there’s almost no setup time. This saves us overhead and allows us to run our business with lower costs. Once you place an order for a single t-shirt on, our fulfillment center automatically receives the order, prints our design on the airplane tee, and sends it directly to you.

DTG printing allows us to operate at a lower cost which lets us offer more choices on each product since they are printed on-demand. If we had to hold each design in each size and color we would have to charge more for each shirt to cover our overhead costs.

With DTG, you can still order in bulk just contact us for our bulk rates on clothing options.

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